Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I didn't blog last friday. The internet didn't work. And now it does. The problem now is deciding if this is gonna kill two birds with one stone and count for this coming friday as well. We'll see :)

Since this is my Thanksgiving post I thought it only right to list a few things I am thankful for. So here goes in no particular order of importance:

I am grateful my family has never known hunger (despite my girls constant use of the phrase "I'm starving").

I am grateful that I have never wondered if I would have a home to go to. It may not always be clean, but that is of my own neglect.

I am grateful that I have a husband that makes me feel he loves me more than he loves himself. To put it plainly, he takes care of my needs above his. I feel a little selfish.

I am grateful I have three beautiful, good, happy daughters here with me on earth. They truly make being a mother my greatest joy (and a very interesting joy).

I am grateful I have a daughter waiting for me in Heaven to remind me of everything pure and good.

I am grateful for my brothers and sisters (in-laws alike). I never feel like I am alone, some one is always just a conversation away. They are my best friends.

I am grateful for all of my extended family. I have been so blessed with people I love and care so much about, that love and care about me also.

I am grateful for my parents who are also my best friends. They do more for me than anyone could imagine. Well, you could imagine it, but you wouldn't believe it.

I am grateful for Russell's parents. Not only did they provide me with the spouse of my dreams by raising such a hard working lad, but their genetic combination was just so as to produce a very good-looking, hard working lad. And they, too, have become some of my closest friends.

And I am grateful for my actual friends. Not just the family kind :). There aren't many people outside of family that I have become very close with in my life, but those I have are as dear to me as family.
I am grateful for sunshine. I don't make it a secret that sunshine makes me happy. And I love being where the sunshine is. I am so blessed.

I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. For His gospel. For the peace that He gives me always. It has been very seldom that I have faced trials in my life (of any real significance-I don't count Taylor drawing on walls :]) and when those times come Jesus Christ has been my comfort and my source of peace. He has carried me through times I would have expected to feel unrest and sadness and filled me with His love.

I am grateful that because of my Savior, and because of my Heavenly Father's plan for my family, we can be together forever. That all of those I love so well on earth I won't be parted from forever, and those who have already passed on I will get to see again, and not only see, but live with, and be sealed to. I am so grateful for this.

I have so many things to be grateful for!

But... I will skip to the picture portion. These are just some pictures of our day. It was filled with family and food. My two favorite things...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Memory Lane

Since nothing out of the ordinary happened this week [unless you count the 96 loads of laundry folded (ok, slight exaggeration)] I feel I have license to take a trip down memory lane instead.

Let's go back six or so years. Russ and I were newlyweds. He was in school. We both worked. We lived in a quaint little basement apartment. And we were just figuring out what each other were really like. This is when I was introduced to how Russ handles sickness.

It began as any other day, I don't remember the particulars, but in the evening we attended a play at the college for one of Russ's classes.

In the middle of the play Russ started coming down with a cold. He was in pain, and it was obvious. So what does any normal person do when cold symptoms set in (sore throat in particular), and it's after hours? A trip to the emergency room, of course! Russ was in pain and it needed remedied! Immediately! (for those of you wondering-he knows I'm in jest)

Of course, once the emergency room was brought up I began thinking it must be more serious than just your common cold (I mean, come on, the emergency room for a sore throat?). So I (being the devoted, loving wife I am ;]) began feeling anxious as to what could possibly be ailing my new groom. Enter nurse:

Nurse: On a scale of one to ten, how bad is your pain?
Russ: (very dramatically) Ten.
Nurse: (somewhat condescendingly) Ok, ten would be like they are sawing your arm off. (then looks to Russ to restate his obviously exaggerated response)
Russ: (in a tone that would suggest "I'm fully aware of how the rating system works" he acquiesced) Nine.

Oh yes. He said nine. And he would have kept with ten had he not felt obligated to restate. Now, curiosity more than anxiety for my spouse set in. What was this pain in his throat that was as bad as having his arm sawed off?? Was it a tumor? Of course a few tests were done, a few lights shown down the oral cavity, a few tongue depressers and cotton swabs.

In the end, they handed us two pieces of paper: the diagnosis, and a prescription for Lortab. What was the diagnosis worthy of such a pain killer? It read:

"Pharyngitis (sore throat)". No, it wasn't a tumor. It wasn't even strep.

Yes. This was a foreshadowing for how my husband handles sickness. Due to this being already too lengthy of a post I won't go into the moaning throughout the night, the relentless tossing and turning, or the days off work, etc. etc. I'll leave it to your imagination. But, I will say, he is worth every second of it. I love that boy, and I wouldn't change him for anything. I even love when he gets sick... it's rather endearing :)

And no post is complete without pictures, so even though it has nothing to do with anything, here is little Hallie grabbing her toes (don't worry mom-though sockless-she is still warm)...


Friday, November 12, 2010

Questions Unasked... and Introducing

It is no secret that I often take advantage of the built in babysitting services that comes from having a large family. Brecken, Taylor, and sometimes both will spend a day or two (or three or four... or five or six) with Grams and Gramps in Grantsville. Which means aunties and uncles are the on call sitters (yes, they are angels).

Normally I don't ask too many questions... in order to avoid the feelings of guilt that come from stories of crayon on the wall, broken decor, screaming, fit throwing etc. etc. Ignorance is bliss. I guess I figure: if it's bad enough... they'll tell.

I'm beginning to question my methods. Only, it's not the aunties and the uncles I should be questioning. It's my children.

I've been spending the week with my family and my brothers and sisters have been their angelic selves helping out with the children. Destinee (sweet, sweet Destinee) took it upon herself to dress Taylor one morning.

Notice anything unusual about the outfit?

Nope. It's just not quite fitting...

In her defense, the three girls were all sharing one suit case. And I am sure she has seen that outfit on Taylor before... of course, back when Taylor looked like Hallie...

Not that dressing a two year old in size 3-6 months brings into question the entire competency of one's babysitting skills. I'm just thinking a few more questions might be in order. For the aunties and the kiddos. Ah, Dest, you know I love you! and hey, you can't beat free babysitting :)

And now, introducing my newest nephew (which is a rare thing in the world of Allens)... Drum roll please....

Luke Darrell Allen at six days old...

of course this little cutie was asking to hold him every five seconds :)...

awe, chewing on his little fingers!...

ooooohhhh, I am smitten!...

Congrats Dan & Nicole!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Halloween

Ok, I know Halloween was, like, a week ago, but it's not my fault that it happened to be on the absolute furthest day from my designated blogging day. And I don't want to get all ambitious or anything and post more than I promised :)

So. For the pictures... First up: Our cowgirl.

Along with Halloween came Brecken's first Halloween Parade at her elementary school. There was a little bit of picture overload going on, something to do with being first-timers (I sensed a bit of inward mocking from the more seasoned parents), but I'll just post a few...

Struttin' her stuff...

Love you cowgirl!...

And now for the chicken...

The little twerp wouldn't let me snap a front shot. I think we both circled this rock about ten times...

So, you get a back shot (a very cute back shot)...

And our little chubby bunny (awe) It's almost cuter that she didn't smile...

And for those who get Russ's costume: "Way-elll. Obviously... Run and tell that. Homeboy."

And of course, the whole reason for the costume ritual has nothing to do with dressing up...

Aren't we all just in it for the candy? That's why I sent my kids out. Their loot... is my loot. Oh yeah.