Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This One's for My Man

Ok, this one is going to be a no picture post (sorry, boring). BUT I just had to say something about that cute guy I married. Lately he's been saying he wants to be involved in the community. And I am here to say this guy is involved. He came home from last night's caucus meeting and told me he was now a County and State Delegate. So, let's see here...

On to Board of the Hurricane City Chamber of Commerce
Member of Washington City Chamber of Commerce
President of the Twister Club (yes, it's real-no, they do not play Twister)
Vice President of BNI
VIP rep for the Hunstman Senior Games
and now
Washington County Delegate
State Delegate
(oh, I had to say no to coaching baseball-he's a little... busy)

Well, I think he's achieved "involved" status. Love you babe!! Of all the things he does, he still is best at being Dad.

And what do I do? I blog about my incredible husband :)