Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

I couldn't let the day pass without paying tribute to the father of my children, it being Father's Day. And in lieu of the fact that this is his seventh Father's Day as an actual father (am I over-using the word "father"?), I have decided to list the top seven reasons Russ is a wonderful dad...

Reason #7

This man knows how to give a mean horsey ride to his girls. Every night. It's a Harrington ritual now. And by "mean" I mean fun. Not mean-literally.

Reason #6

His idea of "doing the girl's hair" is parting it down the middle and combing it down with gel. Really. I've seen it done. More than once. But this does not thwart him in his efforts to pitch in and do their hair. He is a ha-uge help. And believe me, I love the part down the middle look. It means Russ came to save the day.

Reason #5

He is adorably cute about telling the girls stories from his childhood. He has about six that he rotates through (that may be pushing it, maybe four), but they LOVE hearing his childhood tales. And so do I. I could listen again and again. Which is good. Because I get to :)

Reason #4

You have to know his phobia of changing poopy diapers to appreciate this. But... we have a deal (that works out in my favor) in which he is exempt from changing poopy diapers. But (drum roll please...) he has changed several poopy diapers in his fatherhood career. AND keeps his end of the deal. Yes, babe, I notice. Thank you.

Reason #3

He wants me to be a good mom (ok, that sounds lame, of course he would). But he is always trying to help me be better. But not in a "you're not good enough you should be better" kind of way. More in a "hey hon, I know that it can be stressful with the kids, do you need a break so that you can be filled with patience" kind of way. He is sooo good at that.

Reason #2

Russ genuinely loves spending time with his girls. And, though he may say he can't wait for his boy to get here (which he will... someday), I can't imagine him being happier than when he's wrestling with the girls, giving shoulder rides, giving bike riding lessons, tickle fights, cave exploring, and the myriads of other things that he loves to do with his girls.

and the #1 Reason Russ is a good dad...

He puts Heavenly Father first. And because he does that, he is just a good man who is sensitive to his girls needs. And because he does that he has soooo much love in him that naturally he bestows on his children. And because he does that he is filled with the desire to serve; and I am the primary target of service for him, and you can only imagine in which ways he helps (and then multiply that by... six).

Yes, hon, if you read this, I just want you to know: You are a good dad. You are the best husband, and I am so grateful to have you.

(and I just randomly picked a picture I saw with him and one of the girls)...

Happy Father's Day!

-- -- -- --

I was also going to do a post about my dad, but.... he's been a father for 32 Father's Days... and.... it took a long time jotting down 7 :) But, pretty much the same things might be said for my dad as was said for Russ. Except I can't honestly say that I've ever seen my dad change a poopy diaper. But that doesn't mean that he hasn't. I'm just not certain.

But to name a few:

I loved being able to say on the playgrounds of elementary school "My dad can beat your dad up."

I loved pretending to fall asleep because I knew my dad would carry me up to bed.

I loved going camping with the anticipation that my dad would scare us all silly with ghost stories around the campfire.

I loved kicking and hitting, and screaming every time my dad grabbed my foot in an effort to tickle it. Well, I didn't love it, but I can look back with fondness now :)

I loved laying down on the floor by my dad, flipping through the TV guide, circling which movies we were going to record in the upcoming week.

And now I love going home for visits and chatting with my dad late into the night.

I love vacations we get to take together. And memories we still get to make.

I guess to sum it up... I love my dad. And I'm pretty sure he'll never read this, but if you do... "Orange you glad you're my dad?!" (yes. inside joke)

Friday, June 10, 2011


If I don't post this now, I never will. Usually that is due to procrastination issues. This time, it's more or less because I will regain full use of my brain later on. And once that happens, I am sure to regret this. But for now, well after midnight, I have to say: photobooth rocks.

yeah. don't ask. I don't know.