Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This year it was a good old Grantsville Christmas. In the Allen Family (my side) we have a few traditions.

We start on the 23rd with Temple Square Lights. It was so beautiful!...

Christmas Eve pajamas! The Girls...

The Guys (their shirts got lost amidst all the other Christmas presents)...

And Dad (I think he felt left out without orange pants :) )...

We tried to get one with Grandma and the Grandkids. And, yes, this was the best we could get...

Then we played games and all piled in the basement to fall asleep to Scrooge. In the morning I'm sure you can guess who was waking up who because Santa came. That's right, all the adults were gathered around Brecken trying to get her up on Christmas morning. She just kept pullin' that blanket back over her head...

Ok! Sleepy Head is UP!...

And Sleepy Heads 2 & 3...

Passing out the presents. We take turns opening them one at a time. Yes, it's murder on a three year old (notice we found the missing pajama shirts)...

Brecken's turn! What is it? What is it???...

It' a Hula Hoop!...

More presents! (3 year old heaven)...

And here she is with all her Christmas loot...

It seems shallow to only talk about the fun, games, and presents on a Christmas post, so I'll end with with my testimony. I know the Savior lives. I know He was born in a stable. He could have come in Glory and Wealth, but he chose to come in Humility, because He is Humble. He is Perfect. I know He is there for me when I let Him. He has been there for me through the hardest times in my life, and He is there with me in the Happiest. It is because of Him that I am Happy. And it is through Him that my family can be together forever. It is through Him that we will see our daughter, Kamry, again. He has done so much for me, and He continues to do so much for me, every day. I am so grateful for His sacrifice. I am grateful for His Humble birth and hope that I can become Humble, and more like our Savior.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Best Five Years

Russ and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary on December 20th!! Crazy! It really has been the best five years. I got the better half of the deal I think. Russ is just perfect!!!

Russ took me to Little America (complete with no kids) where we had spent our wedding night (so romantic). We had their amazing breakfast buffet (seriously. amazing.) and then Russ took me to The Roof for dinner... which was also amazing (especially their creme brulee). My parents tagged along too (just to dinner... not the hotel) which was so fun! (the 20th is also my dad's birthday... what a coincidence :) ) It was perfect! Everything!

So I was going to share pictures of our honeymoon suite and dinner, but... I forgot my camera.... then I was going to share lots of pics of the last five years, but.... I'm lazy. So instead you get an engagement picture, a wedding picture, and one of us now. I know. Boring.

Thanks for everything Babe! You are the best!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another First!

After three and a half years the only time I had attempted to cut Brecken's hair was with her bangs (big mistake) So.... Brecken was in the bathroom, her hair was wet, and I had a whim....

Here we go! Yes, she was as nervous as she looks...

But she sat there like a champ :)...

Admiring her locks...

And TADA!!!!!...

Showing off the new do :)...

Ok, so it's a LOT shorter than I wanted.... especially when it's curly :( Next time we'll stick to the pros. But, hey, what's done is done. She's still cute :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Who's Ringabell?

I was in the Living Room while Brecken and Russ were in the kitchen and I overheard the following conversation :

After trying to jog Brecken's memory of who somebody was...

Russ: Does that ring a bell?
Brecken: Who's Ringabell?
Russ: No, ring a bell isn't a person, it's a saying.
Brecken: But who is Ringabell?
Russ: No, it means to remember. When I say "Does that ring a bell?" that means "Do you remember?"
Brecken: I don't remember Ringabell.
Russ: No, honey, ring a bell isn't a person. It means to remember.
Brecken: Oooooooh! I get it! Ringabell isn't a person. She's just pretend!

I'm pretty sure she didn't get it, but in her defense: Annabell, Isabell, Ringabell... I see her logic :)

How to Keep a Three Year Old Occupied for Hours...

Give Her a Box of Paper Clips :)....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Three Year Olds are Funny

I went into Brecken's room this morning while Brecken was sleeping and the following occured:

Brecken: (opening her eyes) Is it Sunday?
Me: Nope
Brecken: Why are you waking me up?
Me: We're just gonna clean your room this morning.
Brecken: I have a baby in my tummy.
Me: Oh you do huh?
Brecken: No, no, no, no. Not a real baby just pretend.
Me: Oooooh! A pretend baby.
Brecken then pulls back the covers and climbs out of bed...

Oh! I couldn't stop laughing. I'm still chuckling! She must have slept in that all night... How uncomfortable!!! But funny :)

Where's Taylor?

Russ caught this one on camera and I thought it was too cute!

And the culprit :)


It was a Grantsville Thanksgiving this year. It was so wonderful to be with family and friends... being thankful for family and friends and food...

Here's Brecken Early Thanksgiving morning

And the Preparing of the feast...

I helped a little. A very little...

And amidst the Thanksgiving festivities there was a Birthday!

My little sis Hannah's Birthday once again fell on Thanksgiving. Happy Birthday Han!! Isn't she cute??

I think my sister in law Kari put it best:

Cook. Cook. Cook.
Eat. Eat. Eat.
Pie. Pie. Pie.

And for the Allen's I would add:

Phase. Phase. Phase.
Eat. Eat. Eat.

Yes we had the Third Annual Allen Thanksgiving Phase Ten Game

This picture was taken around 3 o'clock in the morning. The game itself lasted until 5..... Yes. Insane.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tag... I'm It!

5 Interesting Things About Me

Okay, Shalon tagged me a while ago and I've been racking my brain... I am not that interesting... but here's what I came up with
1 I was born 6 weeks early and I weighed 4 lbs 14 oz

2 When I was 2 years old I fell and hit my mouth on the bathtub, and it left a hemangioma (a blue mark) above the left side of my mouth. It's been there ever since

3 When I smile I have a dimple on my left cheek under my eye where I had plastic surgery as a 3 year old (I fell and a wire went through my cheek)

You can see numbers 2 & 3 in the picture below

4 When I was eight years old I had surgery on my arm. The bone broke in half and I had a metal plate put in, the plate is still there... so is the scar (kinda hard to see in this pic)

5 I was engaged when I was 17 years old... way too young. But I wouldn't take it back, I had to nab Russ while I could :)... We did wait til I was 18 to get married.

I tag Vanessa, Kari, Julie, and Melissa

Little Hands

Brecken and I had fun doing her nails... She's got the cutest little hands (a little bit of mother's bias going on there of course)

And the sweetest face (No mother's bias there... of course ;) )

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Trip to the Dentist!

Ok, I know that at age 3 and 1/2 this should not have been the first trip. But... it was.

Here she is right before we left (I'm just throwin' it in 'cause she's cute)

Here we are! Doesn't she look scared? (actually she's really focused on the TV on the ceiling)

There's a smile for mom :)

And of course Taylor was an angel the whole time (and yes, it took a while)

And what made it all worth while? The infamous "Prize if You're Good" (I wonder if they really deny the bad kids a prize). As you can tell Breck is in her jamies and after a whole day of playing... that slinky isn't going back together :)

We don't need to talk about how many cavities etc... Let's just say Brecken LOVED the dentist and we will be going back.... soon :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nothing Exciting, Just Life :)

Since not too many major events have happened in the Harrington Household lately, I thought I'd throw in a few pictures of the trivial.

Our McDonalds Getaway:

And Here is Taylor in her "Johny Jumper" I think she missed the "Jumper" part... She seems to think it's a "Henry Hang There" But hey, if she's happy, I'm happy.

And the Harrington Sunday Afternoon Ritual:

I love the fingers poking through :)

No, mom is not excluded from the ritual (dad either, he just happened to wake up five minutes before I did)

Good Times!