Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Time

You know the Michael McClean song I Cry the Day That I Take the Tree Down? I don't really share that sentiment. For some reason it feels like a good and happy thing to take the tree down. I often wonder why I feel this way, because I love Christmas. I haven't come up with an answer. I just thought I'd let everyone know what was on my mind. Anyway.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Something about a six-year-old brimming with excitement, explaining to the three-year-old all the wonders that await her on Christmas Morning give the season an almost magical touch.

Here was our Christmas morning:

Little Hallie was adorable, ripping paper was fun to her. And she enjoyed her gifts...

But every parent knows that the real wonder begins at the magical age of 3. Since this little girl asked for, "thingonail poliss," it was easy to go above and beyond her wildest dreams (so fun to watch)...

And what did Brecken get (I love taking pictures of genuine smiles)?...

An Easy-Bake Oven?! Uh!!! No way!!!! Ok. She had been telling everyone since December 25, 2010 that this would be her request to Santa, so the surprise element wasn't totally there, but the thrill factor definitely was.

Merry Christmas!...

I know, you probably thought this was over. But I thought I would be a little wordy, and let everyone not in the mood for wordy end satisfied. So those not in the mood for wordy: Happy New Year!

This Christmas Season was really wonderful for me. I really felt the spirit of the season, and had so many opportunities to think about Christ, His birth and His life. When I truly pondered, it was little wonder to me that though His birth was centuries ago, the world still celebrates the amazing miracle of Jesus Christ each Christmas. His birth marked the beginning of His life. And His life's purpose was to show us the way, atone for us, die for us, and prepare a way for us to live with Him again.

It was interesting to watch Christmas movies this year. A theme that struck me was the "Believe" theme. Don't get me wrong, I love Santa Clause. I love movies about Santa Clause. We even watch Polar Express every Christmas Eve (well for a couple years anyway :]). But I find it very interesting that in a lot of the movies they equate the magic of the season to believing in Santa Clause. And of course, if you don't believe in Santa, then the magic of Christmas is gone. When you've given up "believing" you enter the realm of "Grumpy old Christmas Hater"(maybe the themes weren't that harsh).

It made me grateful to realize that the true wonder of the season isn't believing in Santa Clause, it's believing in Christ. The spirit of the season is the spirit of Christ. The wonderful feelings at Christmas time aren't something to be given up as a grown up, because Christ is real. The feelings of love and kindness don't stem from magic, or reindeer, or presents; they stem from Christ, and I truly feel like He blesses the world with an abundance of His spirit at Christmas time. Anyway, belated Merry Christmas, everyone! And because I really feel it right now: I love you all! ;)