Saturday, May 31, 2014

Elder Allen VI Returns (may)

Elder Austin Allen is home! The last of my brothers has gone and come again. We love you, Auzzie and are so happy to have you back!!!

Another Move (may)

Well, a year has passed. We have made wonderful friendships. Our children have grown and been happy. And it is time to move. It is always sad to turn the page to such a beautiful chapter in our lives. But Life has a way of changing things.

Moving is chaos. So many boxes--so much newspaper around dishes--so many rooms to empty. I don't wish it on anyone, and yet... I am always happy when it's finished. Not necessarily the leaving behind, but the cleaning out and starting afresh. There is solace is in this.

The only moment I captured out of all of the chaos was this one, little Jack playing in one of the many boxes strewn throughout the house...

Allergies (may)

I don't know if you can see it, but those eyes are swollen, red, and rash-ridden. Our little girl, who perhaps loves nature best, gets puffy-eyed every times she stops to smell the flowers. 

Isn't that just pathetic?...

I do have to say that though the allergies are real, the frown, however, is not. It was for dramatic effect. As is, I suppose, this little pose...

Awe, Tay Rae! We love you!

Mother's Day (may)

I got breakfast in bed. I got gifts and cards. I got drawings and notes. But best of all, I had my husband and my children. I am so blessed.

Here is a sample of my spoils (could you die from such cuteness?)...

And I should probably mention that Russ's gift to me was cleaning our house. And not just a regular any day of the week cleaning. It is the we-are-moving-and-the-house-must-be-cleaner-than-we've-ever-known-it-in-corners-we've-never-seen clean. He is way too good to me. But I take it. :)

Sweetness (may)

Sometimes Life hands you sweetness on a silver platter. And everyone that has seen these two together knows that this is more than just sweetness--it is a miracle :) ...

Snow and Blossoms (may)

On our beautiful mountain, we call this spring...