Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lightning Storms (august)

I want to remember the August skies. They were beautiful--cloud-filled from horizon to horizon. Not the hazy clouds that are merely there to block out light, the beautiful shaped clouds, that are glowing and ominous. At night the lightning brought them to life. This picture is pretty lame. But on this night, for over an hour, the lightning was striking literally every three seconds or less. It was amazing.

Miss Taylor Rae is Six (August)

Taylor Rae turned six years old. I love this beautiful girl so much! She is not to be matched in sweetness and her unconditional love for everyone. We actually had a wonderful day, we went to the Ogden Temple open-house, we went  out to lunch at IHOP, we spent the afternoon in This Is the Place Monument Park, and had a fun family birthday party for her at home in the evening. And I finally pulled out my camera when we did the pinata at dusk. 

Taylor, I love you!...