Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wicked Amazing Friends

I have not been back to Boise since we moved. Until now. Well, actually, until last weekend. In a word: amazing. In two words: wicked amazing. You may have guessed, we saw Wicked while we were there. (Or you may not have guessed, and just thought I was extremely weird for using that term as an adjective). But Wicked truly is amazing. And I was there. And I have proof.

I think you will all agree that that is, most obviously, my hand holding the Wicked program...

So that was the wicked part of our trip, here was the amazing...

The food. It was unbelievable. And, I guess, the company wasn't bad (muahahaha... just kidding). Yes, the amazing part was our friends. To say, friends, sounds so ineffectual. Everyone on facebook is my friend. The Goodlads are... the word that means... family that has no legal or blood tie. In other words: really, really good friends :)

The trip was too short. We stayed up too late. Slept in too long. Ate too much. And had too much fun. In two words, it was wicked amazing.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Sound of Laughter

Does a mother really want to know what is going on in the bathroom when the unattended two year old begins laughing? Does she really want to find out what mischief is taking place when the sound of two year old laughter is echoed by ten month old laughter? To be honest, sometimes this mother wishes she could let the old adage ring true: Ignorance is bliss. But we all know, that isn't safe.

So what do we find? Toilet water. Everywhere. But mostly on the ten month old. Of course, I wasn't pleased, but I know that years down the road I will find humor in this. So I'll take a picture for those days when I can say "remember when..."...

(notice the two year old is absent from this picture, I couldn't have her see me capturing this on camera, that would only encourage such behavior)

And just for kicks...

I love their seriousness.