Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Two-Year-Old (october)

Oh, Jack. You are two years old. Is it terrible? Not at all. You... are a joy. Sure you stopped wanting to take naps and go to bed. Sure you started climbing on counters and breaking dishes. Sure you regularly go through the pantry and dump out food. But you know, I would take that all day just to have you stroke my cheek and tell me you love me. Because you do that, too. And you ask me to cuddle with you in the rocking chair. And you sing songs to me. And I love you more than anything.

Here's Jack on his birthday (have I mentioned I am expecting a baby, it explains the lack of photos--and the giving up on Jack actually looking at the camera)...

But here is one shortly after his birthday. He isn't smiling. But I still love this picture...

I keep thinking I'm not truly capturing Jack when I get his straight-faced reserve. I'm only just now realizing that to most people this is Jack. Only a handful of people know the little chatter box who loves to tell stories, hear stories, laughs, smiles, throws balls, throws frisbees, throws anything, cuddles, sings, screams, and loves. That is the Jack I know. I love this little boy with ALL my heart :)


Karen's Korner said...

Oh Reni--what a sweet Post!! I love that little Jack, too! I've seen him interact with his Grandma next door, and with Aunt Kathy, and he is truly a little gem!

I heard you had your new little Sam guy--how WONDERFUL! Now you'll have two little fellows figuring out what mischief they can get into--and let me tell you--two little boy's heads are way more ambitious than just ONE! :)

Thanks for your update. It's probably great that you are no longer pregnant, but you now have a whole new set of "excitement" to get accustomed to! :) Have fun living LIFE!!
Lots of Love, Aunt Karen

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